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  Armen138 386b7023a3 Fixed monsters spawned from search 9 months ago
  Armen138 dbc4f85c30 Displaying load errors for locations now, corrected some location files 9 months ago
  Armen138 e6b7fecda4 Mobile client files 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 76a28b7622
Rename kitchen to kitchen.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 76d5e32fd1
Delete kitchen.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio d9607264d2
Update kitchen 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio dc4d939a97
Create sewer_pit 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio e9e29f26db
Create deep_end.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio e32aae3308
Rename dog_house to dog_house.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 94bab67278
Rename dining_room to dining_room.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 7650e4eadd
Rename backyard_breezeway to backyard_breezeway.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio fcfcde241d
Rename backyard to backyard.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio b84ba780ab
Create pool.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 24782b80fa
Create backyard 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio f7962e8fa4
Create backyard_breezeway 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio d539eaebe3
Create dog_house 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 17f4d3e935
Create secret_pantry.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 5f55141426
Create pantry.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 6d69ab3916
Create kitchen 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 0355567a4c
Create dining_room 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio 2d50b80a9a
Create main_hall.yml 9 months ago
  8bit8Studio c292cf796e
Create breezeway.yml 9 months ago
  Armen138 a78b047ff2 Fixed web client whitespace rendering issues 9 months ago
  Armen138 9a59e8a97b Now with webness 9 months ago
  Armen138 720f4b268a async loading 9 months ago
  Armen138 ae0940f469 Refactored Game class 9 months ago
  Armen138 dcb09cf1de Refactored menu to be renderer-agnostic 9 months ago
  Armen138 d7c3e3d925 Refactor error messages to be a dynamic message renderer 9 months ago
  Armen138 2e8560a287 Refactor to use ES6 syntax 9 months ago
  Armen138 0153f3435d Fixed health bar 9 months ago
  Armen138 7ba37fc6d2 Added equipping and unequipping 9 months ago
  Armen138 0010ea8c2a Added health bar 10 months ago
  Armen138 e02e48ea8c Added countdown messages to game 10 months ago
  Armen138 f168984297 Added world config to define spawn room 10 months ago
  Armen138 02184e8421 Moved location files to subdirectory, added combat and loot drops 10 months ago
  Armen138 0cfa6ae47a Add consumable item flag, inventory growing items, and fixed a static item bug 10 months ago
  Armen138 d1b7e23f01 update readme to render ascii art correctly 10 months ago
  Armen138 e128790bd9 Initial commit 10 months ago