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Added a note about ConfigStore implementation. Probebly needs improvment and/or moving to another more detiled document.

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The ConfigStore class allows storing string values and nested ConfigStore objects in key/value pairs. ConfigStore has the getStr, getNested, and set functions that return and take string and ConfigStore variables. There are no customizable parts to the ConfigStore.
Just a note, ConfigStore uses unordered\_maps for the two type of data stored. You can get their iterators with the beginStr, endStr, beginNested, and endNested functions. Unordered\_maps use forward iterators so you can only test equivalence (==) and non-equivalence (!=) when using them in a for loop. Trying to use less then greater then or the variants will fail.
## Dependency
The Dependency sub-system makes sure that mods will be loaded in the correct order. This is a self-contained sub-system and doesn't need any user extensions.