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  DomtronVox 205536d595 Added dependancy resolution code and tests for the new code. It takes a list of loaded mod ConfigStores. Based on each mod's id, depends, and opt depends the code creates a new lists that will load mods in an order that any dependant mod will show up before it's dependancy. It has only been lightly tested and could use better error handeling especially for mods that cannot be loaded due to a missing hard dependancy. However its' basic functionality is good for now. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox 6b38bd30d8 Added a toVector function to ConfigStore to allow pulling out vector of strings from delimited strings. Used in the dependancy resolution code coming up next. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox 8220019935 Moved low level loading code out of the moddingframwork core and into a dedicated config manager class. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox 0949cf6594 Tweaked the get file extention code. Also built out the rough structure for the rest of the file operations test code. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox d8aacf7bd1 Small tweak so the INI loader class pull the extention variable for the extention check. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox 2285008ac4 Added tests for the 3 string convertion functions and improved the 3 functions to pass the tests. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox 75525a5856 Added ability to change file open mode in the writeToTextFile function. Also added turnicate mode to the openFile function. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox 71fc7c179c Fixed small problem with parser error not actually outputting an empty config store. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox a35bf3c364 While writting test code relized my logic in the isPopulated feild was wrong. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox fc8715a0e1 Added new file ops function to extract the file extention and used it in the ini file loader class. 1 year ago
  DomtronVox b13e7ce59f Relised my isPopulated function in ConfigStore was backwards, returned true when maps were empty instead of when they had data in them. Fixed. 2 years ago
  DomtronVox a01d151672 Added but did not test serialize code for INI config files 2 years ago
  DomtronVox 9859e5107b Removed the ini parser dep and just wrote my own. While I wanted to avoid it (avoid NIH sydrom), I couldn't find a lib that matched my needs and didn't crash. 2 years ago
  DomtronVox a592762247 Added serializer to the INI config loader. Also fixed an issue in FileOperations.h:listDirectoryContents where .. AND . listings were not skipped. 2 years ago
  DomtronVox 72e826a897 Tweaked populated variable to be a function (isPopulated) which uses the proper map empty function to check if data has been loaded. 2 years ago
  DomtronVox e4ef7ee932 Removed some debug lines from INI parser class, added a check to the config store whether data has been set in it, and added a line to the modding framework core that kicks off loading mod data. 2 years ago
  DomtronVox 215e9fab8e Initial commit. Basic implementation of the Configuration sub-system. Build system in place with one example partly implemented. 2 years ago