ModEasy, a c++ library, is an easy to add modding system that is functional out of the box, but also designed to be extendable for whatever you may need.
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#include "TestBase.h"
#include "Configuration/ConfigStore.h"
#include <memory>
int main (int argc, char* argv[]) {
//TEST_BEGIN( "test1" );
//ASSERT_EQUAL( 0, 0 );
//ASSERT_THROW( 0 == 0 );
//EXPECT_EXCEPTION( fakeFileLoad("does_not_exist.txt"), FileNotFound );
std::shared_ptr<ConfigStore> store1 = std::make_shared<ConfigStore>(),
store2 = std::make_shared<ConfigStore>(),
store3 = std::make_shared<ConfigStore>();
TEST_BEGIN( "isPopulated: Test ConfigStore is false" );
ASSERT_THROW( store1->isPopulated() == false );
TEST_BEGIN( "getStr: Test getStr of invalid key" );
ASSERT_THROW( store1->getStr("invalid key") == "" );
TEST_BEGIN( "getNested: Test getNested of invalid key" );
ASSERT_THROW( store1->getNested("invalid key") == nullptr );
TEST_BEGIN( "set and getStr: Set and Get valid strings" );
store1->set("data1", "str data");
store3->set("data3", "str data3");
ASSERT_THROW( store1->getStr("data1") == "str data");
ASSERT_THROW( store3->getStr("data3") == "str data3");
TEST_BEGIN( "set and getNested: Set and Get valid ConfigStore" );
store1->set("nest2", store2);
store2->set("nest3", store3);
ASSERT_THROW( store1->getNested("nest2") == store2);
ASSERT_THROW( store1->getNested("nest2")->getNested("nest3") == store3);
TEST_BEGIN( "isPopulated: Test ConfigStore with only string is true" );
ASSERT_THROW( store3->isPopulated() == true );
TEST_BEGIN( "isPopulated: Test ConfigStore with only nested ConfigStore is true" );
ASSERT_THROW( store2->isPopulated() == true );
TEST_BEGIN( "isPopulated: Test ConfigStore with nested and string ConfigStore is true" );
ASSERT_THROW( store1->isPopulated() == true );
//TODO need to test iterators
return 0;